AllianceTexasMobility Innovation Zone

Integrated Multi-Modal

Air and Ground Infrastructure with Interoperability

Accelerating Mobility

Convening Corporates, Start-ups, Academics, Policy Makers

Proud History of Innovation
and Aviation

Committed to Fostering the New Mobility Ecosystem

Epicenter of Distribution
& Logistics

Premier Industrial Airport, Intermodal Yard, and Public & Private Roadways

Our Mission

Hillwood’s AllianceTexas Mobility Innovation Zone is positioned to be the world’s premier, commercially-driven platform to test, scale, and commercialize technologies and solutions related to the movement of goods and people.


    • $1T+Freight Market within the U.S.
    • $17.7B+eVTOL Passenger Market by 2040
    • 100B+Expected parcel Shipments in 2020
    • $148Binnovation funding for the movement of people and goods since 2010
    • $3.8Bautonomous vehicle investment hits record high Q2 2020
    • $90Bper year
      spent on congestion
      by trucking companies
    • 20Bmiles of unused truck capacity each year in the U.S.

    The Mobility Innovation Zone

    Mobility of goods and people is experiencing rapid growth and transformation, driving opportunity for innovation and partnerships across industries. As leading innovators move beyond small-scale pilots into next-level deployments, AllianceTexas provides a unique "sandbox" for NextGen mobility.

    The AllianceTexas Mobility Innovation Zone offers existing and built-to-purpose mobility infrastructure, capabilities and services tailored to start-ups and corporates, and public-private stakeholder engagement to accelerate the commercialization of innovative mobility technologies across modes.

    Use Cases

    In April 2019, Hillwood convened a diverse set of stakeholders to identify priority mobility use cases, and understand their needs in a built environment and the hurdles to commercialization.

    The session helped launch the initial two focus areas for the AllianceTexas Mobility Innovation Zone: a holistic UAS Proving Grounds for aerial technologies and a set of Autonomous Trucking use cases expanding from short to long-haul.

    Why AllianceTexas?

    AllianceTexas Mobility Innovation Zone Map