The autonomous freight revolution has arrived.

AllianceTexas is home to the Mobility Innovation Zone (MIZ), a one-of-a-kind infrastructure offering mobility visionaries full access to an unparalleled ecosystem, resources, and partnerships essential to comprehensively scale and commercialize new technologies. Autonomous truck technology is essential to improve the middle-mile and long-haul delivery systems across the supply chain.

In a rapidly evolving, always innovating industry, the MIZ is the future of mobility.

And the future isĀ now.

The Mobility Innovation Zone

The MIZ is a unique landscape built on collaboration and opportunity. That combination works to connect people, places, and ideas that push innovation in surface mobility forward. Here, ideas become real-world advancements in autonomous freight transportation.

Surging demand has stressed the supply chain and made autonomous truck technology essential to optimize freight movement. With smart infrastructure, multimodal ports and access to miles of major roadways in every direction, the MIZ is an ideal hub for innovation in autonomous transport vehicles.

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27K+ acres of mixed-use development with 575 globally ranked companies

2M+ people within 20 miles, with varying population densities

162 miles of roadways: I-35W, SH 114, SH 170, FM 156

Existing Facilities and Build-To-Suit opportunities

BNSF Alliance Intermodal Hub

Foreign-Trade Zone

Experienced, action-oriented support team

Autonomous & Integrated Freight

Autonomous truck technology will transform freight transportation, driving cost savings and operational efficiency across the supply chain.

Autonomous Drayage Over Private & Public Roads

Move cargo from intermodal yards along public and private roads to a Distribution Center (DC) using autonomous transport trucks

Autonomous Logistics Integration from First-Mile to Last-Mile

Autonomous or remote vehicles move cargo from intermodal yard or DC to a transfer hub autonomously from first-mile to last mile

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