The future of autonomous logistics lives here.

AllianceTexas is home to the Mobility Innovation Zone (MIZ), a one-of-a-kind infrastructure offering mobility visionaries full access to an unparalleled ecosystem, resources, and partnerships essential to comprehensively scale and commercialize new technologies. Access to complex airspace and multimodal hubs make the MIZ an effective tool for drone delivery testing and improving unmanned aircraft systems.

In a rapidly evolving, always innovating industry, the MIZ is the future of mobility.

And the future is now.

The Mobility Innovation Zone

The MIZ is a unique landscape built on collaboration and opportunity. That combination works to connect people, places, and ideas that push innovation in air mobility forward.

The accelerated adoption of unmanned aircraft systems depend on the ability to safely and effectively test new mobility innovations. Part industrial, part residential, the MIZ makes it possible for drone delivery testing to scale in a real-world environment, reaching neighboring residential communities.

Contact us today to reserve your flight time at the AllianceTexas Flight Test Center, learn more about the facility’s offerings here.

Complex Airspace Environment

Alliance Airport with FAA Control Tower

Operational Flight Testing Center

Amazon Regional Air Hub

FedEx Southwest Regional Hub

2M+ people within 20 miles, with varying population densities

500+ globally ranked companies

UAS Proving Grounds

As technology advancement of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) outpaces regulation, the establishment of a UAS proving grounds within the Mobility Innovation Zone will allow for private- and public-stakeholders to accelerate the development and commercialization of UAS technologies and solutions while informing the future regulatory framework in suburban and urban settings.

Watch innovation take flight at the AllianceTexas Flight Test Center.

Bell Text Flight in Alliance

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