July 5, 2022 - Fort Worth Magazine

Why Fort Worth is the Best Dang City in Texas

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I-N-N-O-V-A-T-I-O-N – What’s That Spell? Fort Worth


Fort Worth has always been a can-do, hold-my-beer-watch-this kind of city. Bold, risk-averse cattle drovers, cattle raisers, and, later, wildcatters populated the city in the 20th century and with them established a culture and ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation. “I envision I’ll see an airplane take off from this airport and go off into space, and that airplane will be built at this airport,” H. Ross Perot said as he turned the keys over to that 400 acres that would become Alliance Airport, soon to be renamed Ross Perot Field Fort Worth Alliance Airport. Fort Worth companies, with the help of collaborative incubators, today are making breakthroughs in science and medicine. Autonomous vehicles are getting their wheels at Alliance’s Mobility Innovation Zone, a testing ground for next-gen surface and air capabilities. They’ll be delivering things all over Texas from vessels perfected in Fort Worth.


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